Ted Cruz: GOP Non Person

Bad news for Democrats: Clinton wealth still hot topic in media « Hot Air

Though in recent years the GOP nominees have been scions of privilege (think Bush, McCain and Romney) the current GOP lineup has more middle- and working-class bona fides. Chris Christie, Scott Walker, Bobby Jindal, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio all come from backgrounds that make it likely they know how to operate a grocery store scanner. They also come from backgrounds in which the meaning of “dead broke” probably has a very different meaning for them than it appears to for the former secretary of state, especially since unlike her they are all still relying on government salaries.

That’s an aspect that hadn’t occurred to me, but which makes a very good point … unless Jeb Bush wins the nomination.

Huh.  Look who isn’t mentioned here:  Ted Cruz.  I guess being the son of penniless Cuban refugees, attending public schools, and graduating from Ivy League schools due to his own hard work, talents, perseverance, and scholarship, doesn’t qualify as having a middle or working class background.

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