You Find Dumbassery In the Most Unexpected Places

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Crossing the Rubicon was a point of no return for Julius Caesar, when he led the Roman army into Rome for the first time ever to complete his seizure of power. That didn’t work out well for Caesar in the end.

I had no idea that Ed Morrissey was such a historical illiterate.  The above is akin to saying that the cause of Joe Stalin’s eventual death was his invasion of Germany.  Further, Caesar was by no means the first to lead a Roman Army on Rome – Gaius Marius did it, Sulla did it, and even Pompey (sort of) did it before Caesar.  Finally, it doesn’t seem that Ed understands the difference between Rome and Italy at that period in history.  I suppose it’s futile to try to educate Ed about the meaning of “imperium” as it applied to Caesar, his army, and the Rubicon, so I won’t even try to go there, although it makes ludicrous Ed’s babbling about “completing” Caesar’s “seizure of power.”

UPDATE:  And it wasn’t “the” Roman army (which didn’t actually exist in the sense Ed probably thinks).  Caesar crossed with a single legion, the 13th, which was a very small fraction of the total number of Roman legions.

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  1. Always entertaining when someone attempting to drape himself in the robe of erudition gets all tangled up in the fabric, trips on the hem and falls flat on his ass.

    I note that several Hot Air readers commented on this as well.

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