Eric Cantor Sends Thugs To Steal Dave Brat’s Campaign Funds In Effort to Elect His Democrat Opponent

Self-Evident » Scorched Earth: Eric Cantor’s Staff, Supporters Drain Cash From Virginia GOP, Dave Brat

After the skin-crawling exploitation of black voters in Mississippi, the GOP’s current leadership wing gives a second demonstration, this time in Virginia, of just how committed they are to “a big tent,” or to the GOP’s vitality in general. The Senate majority matters, the House majority matters. But this party’s leadership is infested with the same disregard for Washington’s intended purpose as any Clintonian.

It’s hard to figure out, just from this story, what happened, so here it is in a nutshell:  Eric Cantor sent his thugs to the district GOP meeting, and they used their votes to drain well over $350,000 from the district campaign fund so that Dave Brat couldn’t use it to campaign against his Democrat opponent in the general.

Eric Cantor, lying sack of shit, publicly said he wanted Brat in the seat, but now he’s doing everything he can to make sure Brat loses.  I suggest we return the favor wherever we can.

Vote for the Democrat against Boehner.  Vote for the Democrat against Cochran.  Vote for the Democrat against McConnell.  And if we lose the Senate?  Well, what has the GOP Senate ever done for us, besides try to destroy us?

It’s time to punch back twice as hard.  So let’s do that thing.

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