GOP Should Address Reality Rather Than Fantasies About a “Democracy Project” For Once

GOP Should Listen to Cheney – Not Paul – on Iraq | RealClearPolitics

As policy advice to Republican members of Congress, an increasing number of whom appear to be tempted by the know-nothing charms of the Paul worldview, it’s irresponsible and dangerous.

Because Republicans like Bush and Cheney have done so well with the war on Muslim terror.  Why, hardly anybody even thinks about being attacked by crazed barbarian savage Muslims any more, so effective were Cheney and Bush’s policies in defeating the scourge.

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GOP Should Address Reality Rather Than Fantasies About a “Democracy Project” For Once — 3 Comments

  1. Ah, well, consider the “elite” loser who drooled that little screed of abject drivel:

    Mark Salter is the former chief of staff to Sen. John McCain and was a senior adviser to the McCain for President campaign.

    Sorta says it all, right? If ever there was anyone who, while no doubt claiming to be a “conservative” and/or a “true patriot”, was more likely to fail to understand that, before this tattered and torn Nation of ours should ever (much less anytime soon) try to embark upon any further foreign-policy “defense and/or nuturing of democratic ideals”, there should be an extensive and sustained effort made to advance such policies domestically…

    Salter – as always for a prototypically-Statist RINO – can’t see the forest for all those damned trees in his path: 1) As Rand Paul – and a pitiful-few others – have pointed to, there’s NO detectible U.S. long-term “interests” that would be somehow advanced by any attempted intervention in events now occurring in Iraq, Syria or elsewhere in the Middle East; 2) currently, we have far-more-important domestic-front fish to fry, and we’ve not even properly started to heat up the pan yet – in fact, most efforts being made to turn up the heat are running into Democrap, RINO and other-“Progressive” counter-efforts; and 3) our national credibility as a “standard-bearer of democracy in action” is increasingly called into question due to a visible dwindling of such standards for our own lawful citizenry.

    We need – increasingly – leadership that understands all that, and will aid, to the greatest extent possible, in moving us as a nation in the direction we really want to be going, and – at least for the foreseeable future – considerably lessen the extent to which we try to resolve other nations’ struggles, either politically or economically. Salter – and others who “think” like him – can’t seem to see that “more big-time Gubment” and “more big-time foreign policy/intervention” are the problem, NOT the solution.

  2. Destroy their ability to hurt us. Build a big ass base, that we never leave, and that they never want us too. Keep the planes and helicopters flying reminding them of our presence, and make them come to US!

    If they do something we don’t like? Repeat, rinse and prepare to repeat.

    • No. Do you think terrorists finance their needs with bake sales? Get their training at the local martial arts studio? Buy heavy full auto weaponry at the grocery store?

      They are created, financed, trained, sheltered, armed, and used by regimes – the Saudis, the Iranians, the Syrians, the Afghan Taliban, the Pakistanis, and, once upon a time, Saddam Hussein.

      Note that Saddam Hussein isn’t doing that any more. And if we’d treated Syria, Iran, and, probably, Saudi Arabia in a similar way, there would be almost no Muslim terrorism beyond the occasional street-level brushfires today.

      Because nobody would be paying for it. Because we killed the ones who were doing so.

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