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Shrinking Prostates Without Surgery | Medical News and Health Information

Georgetown Dr. James Spies, Radiologist, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, offered Simmons something new… a non-surgical procedure called prostatic artery embolization.

“We put a catheter, a very thin tube into the artery that feeds the prostate gland,” Dr. Spies explains.

Then, doctors inject tiny beads—called microspheres—in the arteries surrounding the prostate to block its blood supply.

“It decreases the size of the prostate and more importantly relieves the obstruction of urinary flow,” Dr. Spies said.

Simmons was just the second patient at Georgetown to have the procedure. The relief was immediate… and he’s even planning a 10-thousand- mile ride this summer!

I have this issue, and take finasteride for it.  Doc says it’s working, but I still trek to the john three, four times a night.  Pain in the….

Anyway, faster, please.

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