The Ties That No Longer Bind, Thanks to the NSA

Germany drops Verizon internet contract over NSA spying fears

The nation had already been second-guessing the contract, so Edward Snowden’s NSA surveillance leaks were really just the straws that broke the camel’s back. However, the cancellation still validates US tech firms’ worst fears — they’re losing business in countries which no longer feel they can trust American outfits with sensitive info. It’s too soon to know whether this trend will continue, but it’s clear that even close US allies aren’t afraid to cut corporate ties if they believe their data is at risk.

Remember when the Internet was going to enable global understanding and friendship?

Thanks, GWB and BHO!

You know why my new cellphone is a “Chinaphone?”

Sure, the commie bastards have probably trojaned it out the wazoo, but you know what?  They’re not able to do anything to me over whatever they find there.  Unlike the liberal fascists of my own government.

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