Zombie Scamnesty Will Rise Again

Congressional leaders: Comprehensive immigration reform is dead | RedState

Though it may be dead for the time being, this beast could star on Walking Dead (or in a Monty Python sketch). So long as the US Chamber of Commerce wants a source of cheap labor and the Democrats want captive voters comprehensive immigration reform will never be really dead. If you need proof, yesterday John McCain and Chuck Schumer were the headliners at the Wall Street Journal’s Capitol Journal Breakfast.

But at a breakfast Wednesday hosted by the Wall Street Journal, Sens. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) — two of the architects of the Senate immigration bill — acknowledged that the chances of House legislation were exceedingly slim.

“I can’t tell you we have a great shot at it,” McCain said. “But I know the consequences of failure.”

And Chuck Schumer said it was vital for the GOP if they wanted to win elections. And we know how much he wants Republicans to win.

As long as the upper reaches of the GOP are inhabited by ruling party hacks like McCain and Thad Cochran, scamnesty will; never die.  They’ll be back next year.  If not later this year.

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