The PJ Tatler » Standardized Genetic Design of Electric Fish Stuns Biologists

Isn’t it beautiful how unguided processes with no particular outcome in mind (in fact, with no mind), happen all over the world, in a variety of environments with a variety of species, and they all still select the same highly-efficient creative “gift” to give to humanity?

What serendipity!

Well, back to my plow. Ma’s gonna ring the dinner bell any minute and the horses are eager to finish this field.

Sorry, Scott.  You’re funny here, but sad to say, you’re also reaching.  Isn’t it beautiful how, all over the world, unguided processes with no particular outcome in mind (in fact, with no mind) all still select the same highly efficient shape – like hurricanes?

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  1. So…numerous (apparently) widely-geographically-separated but (apparently) more-or-less-simultaneous developments – or “evolutions”, if you will – in different biological specimens of a natural organic function are based within, and proceed from, (apparently) identical genetic origins…

    Sorta like – how fish, no matter where they exist in the world, have developed, over long periods of time, the ability to swim by using exertions of their fins and/or bodies – or how birds, over many, many years, have become able to travel in all the world’s skies by flying, using movements of surfaces mostly-covered with feathers…

    Truly marvelous, of course…but – it’s almost like they all – no matter where they originated – have dealt with effectively nearly-identical physical “laws”, or something, in coming up with means of doing what they do and how they do so…

    Such wonders – really makes you think, doesn’t it?

    Like the one about the thermos jug: Keeps hot stuff hot – and cold stuff cold (although, of course, not simultaneously in the same one…) – but: how does it know?

    As the King said: “It’s a puzzlement!…”

  2. If Scott wants that satire to be effective, he’s going to need to make it a lot more over-the-top. Creationism is hard to satirize, given the preposterous things some of them say.

    Or is it satire? Is he seriously touting creationism and just trying to be funny while he does it? I can’t tell. Another characteristic of badly written humor.

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