Dems’ Ad Strategy Boomerangs in Colorado | National Review Online

By spending half a million dollars on TV ads supporting GOP candidate and former congressman Tom Tancredo, Democratic funders showed the whole world their hand: They wanted Tancredo in November. Presumably, they reasoned that having Tancredo at the top of the GOP ticket would enhance Governor John Hickenlooper’s reelection prospects and, importantly, dampen Congressman Cory Gardner’s robust challenge to incumbent senator Mark Udall.

Not only did the Democratic bear-hug not help Tancredo, it probably cost him the race. Prior to the ads, Tancredo was leading in the polls.

Well, you know.  I like Tancredo.  He is right on guns, and right on illegal immigration, two of my litmus issues. 

Beauprez?  Not so much on guns, and not so much on illegal immigration.  He strikes me as just another standard GOPiggie, snuffling and snorting in anticipation of shoving his snout into the trough.  But I’m supposed to be glad he defeated Tancredo, because he can win.

Of course, I doubt that he’ll win much of anything that I want.

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