Aw. So Devastating.

Devastating Numbers for Obama In New York Times Poll

A week after an NBC News poll showed that the American people had lost faith in Obama’s competence and ability to lead, a new CBS News/New York Times poll has even worse news for a president embattled by his own incompetence, arrogance, and failed policies.

In just one month, the president’s job approval rating has shifted a full 9 points against him. Though Obama was still upside on approval by 5 points (43-48%) back in May, he now faces a 14 point deficit of 40-54%.

Devastating, my ass.

Every time I hear this, I make myself a little bet:  When I click through to read the article or poll, the number of respondents who still like him just fine will be at least forty percent.

As here.

Get back to me when he falls to Bush-level devastation.  Frankly, I think the Democrats could have Adolf Hitler in the White House, and he’d never fall much below the 40% mark, not with all the liberal fascists in the media propping him up.

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