The Bitter Pleasure of Being 100% Right About George W. Bush, Iraq, and Iran Six Years Ago

Iraq Prime Minister: Screw You US, I’ll Take My Chances With Iran

Meanwhile Iran continues to send men and material to Iraq to fight the Sunni insurgents.

Iran is directing surveillance drones over Iraq from an airfield in Baghdad and is secretly supplying Iraq with tons of military equipment, supplies and other assistance, American officials said. Tehran has also deployed an intelligence unit there to intercept communications, the officials said.

Al-Maliki has made a simple and probably correct calculation…his future lays with Iran. In so openly rebuffing Kerry and Obama he has basically cut his ties to the US and thrown his lot in with Iran.

It’s the smart thing from his perspective. Iran by virtue of nothing else if not geography is a player in Iraq for the long term. Americans on the other hand change leaders and policies too often and as a people we lose interest in wars in far away places.

This is bascialy another bit of confirmation of what we all already knew, Iraq as we know it as a single nation state is through.

Really?  You think?  Who could possibly have predicted this?

Well, me.  Back in April of 2008:

Stratfor on Iraq: Five Years On | Daily Pundit

Here’s what’s really going to happen: A Democrat will occupy the White House after 2008. The economy will take precedence over everything. The US troops will be pulled out starting in 2009, and all will be gone – except for a face-saving skeleton force – by the end of 2009. Iran will dominate Iraq, and will acquire nuclear weapons shortly thereafter.

Iran will work some sort of deal with the US to keep Shia terrorism under control, as it wheels to confront its main enemy, Saudi Arabia – although it may turn to Israel first, in order to cement its preeminence in the Islamic world by attacking the Jewish state. A President Obama would be unlikely to respond to such provocations in any meaningful way. A President Clinton would probably honor commitments to Israel, but whether that would involve directly confronting Iran is problematic. More likely, we would provide what support and cover we could as Israel handled its own defense.

The nuclear card would be front and center on the table in the Middle East.

As I have said for quite some time, George Bush’s biggest failure will eventually be seen as not his refusal to effectively deal with our real enemies, but that in his bungling, he poisoned the well for anybody else to try to do so, and paved the way for a Democrat hegemony that has no desire nor stomach for such confrontations in the first place.

The Bushbots hated me when I said this six years ago, back when Obama was by no means certain even to beat Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democrat nomination (which, thanks to GWB, was the race for the Presidency), and today the same Bushbots are trying to shovel all the blame for the disaster that is Iraq on Barack Obama, hoping that nobody will notice that their catastrophic president, George W. Bush, baked all of this massive fail into the Iraq cake long before anybody had ever heard of Barack Obama.

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