Minus 2.9 percent? I’m stoked, stoked I tell you. Whoooooo-Hoooooo!!!!!

Happy Days are here again!

What? First quarter GDP down 2.9 percent? Yeeeeee-Haaaawwwwww! Give a rebel yell and cry for more, more, more!!!

Average GDP down 2.9 percent, when average GDP growth since 1947 equals plus 3.22 percent? Don’t you see? Geeezzz, ya bunch of hating haters, don’t you see?

Boomtimes are here. Boomtimes are here. Now, I’m not the fellow to rely on for higher math, but simple logic tells you that if first quarter was down almost 3 percent, then the rest of the year is going to be huuuuuugggggee!

‘Cause otherwise you’d have to conclude that Barrackkass Hussainass Obamass’s and his minions haven’t a clue about what to do. That they’re n00bs, dumbasses, clueless how the world works. You might even suspect that they’re leading us down the primrose path. I mean, if you’re down 2.9% the first quarter, doesn’t that say that you’re going to be up at least 5% each and every quarter for the rest of the year? Don’t it? That’s great, ain’t it? When was the last time GDP was at 5%?

Unless that darned climate change screws it up.

Break out the wine, it’s party time.



Minus 2.9 percent? I’m stoked, stoked I tell you. Whoooooo-Hoooooo!!!!! — 4 Comments

  1. In late April when they first announced GDP at -0.1% I commented something along the lines of this:

    By late June when the final number comes out it will be revised down to much worse than -0.1%. By that time though the various talking heads on MSNBC et al will have convinced the gullible that it was the weather and that 2nd quarter GDP will be better. I was certainly spot on there as the stock market rose yesterday on just that reasoning.

    I went on to say that 2nd quarter GDP reported late July would be preliminary reported as positive and not that bad. I now say it will disappoint slightly from consensus but once again the talking heads will say that it proves we are slowly climbing back out of the hole dug in the 1st quarter. I went on to say back in April that subsequent revisions would also be downward and may even “officially” point to a recession. But by the time those numbers are reported as final in late September, the smart money will have had five months to rotate out of stocks to something safer, while retail will be suckered in by the “2nd quarter revival meme”.

    I stand by that. Sep and Oct could be their usual rough selves this year again.

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