Palin: GOP? What’s the Use?

Palin: ‘If Republicans Are Gonna Act Like Democrats, Then What’s the Use?’ | Mediaite

Sarah Palin joined Sean Hannity to weigh in on the latest election news, and Palin told Hannity that it would be hard for her to stay with the Republicans and get excited about them if they continue acting like Democrats and rolling over.

She took a shot at the “status quo” politics of people like Senator Thad Cochran and said the Eric Cantor upset shows people want strong constitutionalists in power who don’t represent “the man [or] the establishment” in Washington.

Hannity asked Palin if she would actually follow through on her previous hints she’d go third party. Palin replied, “If Republicans are gonna act like Democrats, then what’s the use?” She said the GOP needs to thrive and stand strong against the president’s policies, otherwise “it does no good to get all enthused about them anymore.”

Act like Democrats?  Hell, they are the Democrats, junior version:

Cochran’s Secret Weapon: Democratic Voters –

So maybe it’s time for conservatives to understand that we are going to have to go into the wilderness.  We should make sure to take the GOP with us, and then try to emerge with a better, stronger party.  Whether that party is the GOP remains to be seen.

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