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Obama’s DHS Secretary: ‘Last Time I Looked An Executive Order Can’t Supersede The Law’

Department of Homeland Secretary Jeh Johnson indicated in a Tuesday hearing he understands in principle that Congress writes the laws, not Obama.
“Last time I looked an executive order can’t supersede the law,” Johnson said.

Johnson made his remarks during a Congressional hearing on the current crisis of unaccompanied minors crossing the southern border.

Rep. Mike Rogers (R-AL) questioned Johnson about the U.S. government sending the children to the Department of Health and Human Services, instead of shipping them back to their homes.

Johnson pointed out that the law required government officials to do so, in spite of the current crisis.

Leaving aside the obvious black humor inherent in his statement, he has a point.  Congress writes a lot of laws that essentially hand over the legislative power to the President.  That Obama obeys the legislation he feels like, and changes or ignores that he doesn’t, is beside the point.

The Imperial Presidency couldn’t have become that way without the willing complicity of Congress.

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