Huh? What?

How to Keep Your Muscles Strong as You Age – WSJ

Dr. LeBrasseur estimates that most people will lose approximately 30% of muscle mass over their lifetime, and as much as 50% by the time they reach their 80s or 90s.

Does this sentence make sense to you?  If so, would you please explain it to me?

No quantum physics, please.

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  1. Sorry, Bill. We can make that sentence make sense only by use of the quantum indeterminancy principle, but that violates your stricture, which means that you’re confused, but confusion is very similar to indeterminancy, which means that you violate your own stricture. Please read Daily Kos until your IQ has dropped enough that you’re no longer able to be confused.

    • Although it is grammatically screwed because “most people” is the only subject in the clause beginning with “that”, and the antecedent for “they” is “most people”, so I see what you mean. It’s a badly written sentence, that’s for sure.

      • Hmm, OK, “most people are female” and “most people are over 1 day old” are both true, but “most people” does not describe the same group in the two cases. Similarly, the group that loses 30% over a lifetime, if it is “most people” can include those who do not reach 80, while the “80s or 90s” group excludes those who do not reach 80, so even if most people reach 80, the two groups are still not the same. Assuming that loss increases with age one would expect he “80s or 90s” group to have a higher expected loss than the group which does not exclude younger people.

        • You’re losing yourself in your own interpretation of what you have already admitted is a grossly constructed sentence that makes no sense whatsoever on its own terms.

          You’re doing what Roberts did with Obamacare – “I know you don’t say it’s a tax, but that’s what you really mean, right?”

          • I know exactly what he meant to say. It makes perfect sense to me, but he said it poorly. It sounds like a typical vocally uttered sentence with the kind of grammatical errors people are seen to make when their utterances are written down exactly as they came out of their mouths. I’m not splitting hairs and I’m not doing anything like what Judge Roberts did.

            The group that reaches 80 plus 1 day is almost identical with the group that reaches 80 plus 2 days, differing by only a few people per million. The group that excludes people who do not reach 80 and the group that includes them are very different. The second group has twice as many people in it. That’s not hair splitting. It makes no difference whether or not most people reach 80.

            In contract law, you could have the contract thrown out for a sentence like the one you quoted. OTOH, if you received a critically important sentence that was garbled like that from a covert group in time of war, you’d have no choice but to make sense of it as best you could, which is what you asked – “Does this sentence make sense to you?”

            Sorry, it’s just not that hard to make sense of it.

            See ya!

        • Also, actually, no – not if average life expectancy is 80, which, if properly calculated, Americans do enjoy. And that sort of hair splitting is ludicrous in terms of the actual sentence: The group that lives to be 80 years and one day uis different than the group that reaches 80 years and two days. However, do you know what the major difference between the two groups are? At one point all of the members of one group are dead, and all of the members of the other group aren’t.

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