The Gentry GOP Is Cheating Down In Mississippi

Election irregularities crop up on eve of GOP runoff in Mississippi «

“When you’ve got more people than you’ve got people alive, there’s a problem with the rolls and they need to get them cleaned up,” Adams said. “Unfortunately, year after year, there’s a failure to keep the rolls maintained correctly. Federal law and frankly, Mississippi law, requires they purge their rolls. It’s not an option.”

That’s not the only election irregularity in the Magnolia State.

True the Vote has found several precincts with abnormally high Republican voter turnout compared with historic levels. The organization found Panola County, for example, was split nearly down the middle for incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran (52 percent) and state Sen. Chris McDaniel (48 percent). One precinct, East Batesville 4, went 75 percent for Cochran and helped push him over the top in the county by 79 votes. That one precinct accounted for 84 percent of his margin of victory and had turnout 400 percent better than the average turnout for McDaniel.

“We are still very early in our analysis, but if these patterns are found to exist in other counties, what we could be looking at is a strategy of engineered voter turnout in targeted precincts on a scale sufficient to decide the election if the same patterns are repeated in Tuesday’s runoff,” said True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht in a statement.

Makes sense.  After all, that senile old bastard Thad Cochran is running in the Republican primary as a Democrat.  So I would expect him and those backing him to use Democrat tactics

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