Kicking the Dead Weak Horse

Attorneys: Sudan arrests Meriam Yehia Ibrahim, family at airport « Hot Air

That cuts both ways, though. In the prior case, the Sudanese government claimed to have no authority to intervene in judicial proceedings (the same would be true here). This is no judicial proceeding, but an act of the government. Diplomacy in this case directly bears on the detention of Ibrahim and her family.

Furthermore, the detention now involves an American citizen, Daniel Wani, as well as the citizenship of his two children. The State Department has to take action with the Sudanese government in this situation, especially given the affront of arresting Wani in the first place after all of the discussion between the US and Sudan over his wife.

Yeah.  Like the Muslim Maniacs are afraid of Barack “Weak Horse” Obama or his joke Secretary of State.

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  1. Last night, my wife was happy that Ibrahim had been released. I cautioned her that she was in a hellhole of savage infested country and that I wouldn’t relax until she and her family were back on US soil. If I were president, she would have been on a military transport. Let the bastards tried to arrest her when protected by the military. Suffice it to say that I wasn’t surprised to see her in custody again. I’m just surprised they haven’t killed her yet.

    Maybe if her husband had donated lots of money to Barry, this would have been fixed already.

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