Enough Is Enough, Sarah

Republican schism pits former running mates McCain and Palin against each other

The establishment wing of the Republican party Tuesday will mount a last-ditch effort to prevent the Tea Party from winning a major victory in a high-profile Senate race in Mississippi.

Thad Cochran, Mississippi’s long-serving 76-year-old senator, is fighting for his political life against Chris McDaniel, a Right-wing challenger backed by Sarah Palin.

With polls showing Cochran heading towards defeat, the Republican leadership has rushed money and reinforcements to Mississippi to try to stave off another win for the conservative grassroots.

John McCain, the former presidential candidate and one of the party’s most recognizable faces, campaigned for Cochran yesterday in the final hours before voters head to the polls. “Not only the eyes of the nation, the eyes of the world will be on this election tomorrow,” he said at a rally in Jackson, the state capital.

The battle in the Deep South reflects a larger struggle between the more moderate Republican establishment and a Tea Party movement dedicated to a strict conservative agenda.

The Republican schism is illustrated by McCain and Palin, who were running mates against Barack Obama in 2008 but are now backing different sides in the Mississippi race.

About time.  Palin has been playing nicey-nice with McCain far too long, far too much, and far too often.


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