Senile, Delusional Old Bastard Backs Senile, Delusional Old Bastard

Tea party has momentum, optimism for another win with Mississippi runoff – Washington Times

On Monday, Sen. John McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential nominee, headlined a Cochran rally at the War Memorial auditorium in downtown Jackson.

“I call on my fellow veterans. I call on my fellow service members to send Thad Cochran, a good and decent and honorable senator, back to the United States Senate,” Mr. McCain said.


Just ugh.

Oh, and thanks again, Arizona.  You assholes.

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Senile, Delusional Old Bastard Backs Senile, Delusional Old Bastard — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry, Bill, I did my best when living there, voting against him every time and bad mouthing him in public at every opportunity. I concluded the state was filled with a disproportionate number of senile geezers, unduly impressed by his pathetic military service and addled by the sun. But even Jeff Flake, whom I thought a reliable conservative, turned into a squish in D.C.

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