So This Is My Latest Technology Kit….

That’s the Sony Vaio Pro 11 – 8GB ram, latest Core I7 chip, 256GB SSD, 256GB SD card, 1920×1080 resolution 10 point touch screen, 1.9 pounds, with the Tronsmart PS7 7″ phone
Octa core 1.7GHz cpu, LTPS WUXGA display, 1920*1200P, 2GB Ram +16GB storage 5MP+13MP Dual Cameras, and so on. It weighs 9 ounces. Total weight of package that gives me a high powered ultrabook, a hi-def mini-tablet, and an excellent phone, for a total weight of 2.5 pounds. Great for traveling!  Does anything I need it to do, and does it fast!

And yes, it does seem like science fiction to me sometimes.

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