“Conservative” Myths About Iraq

Alicia Colon: Right wing dementia on Iraq in full swing

All the Monday morning quarterbacks who spout pure lies about the war often repeat that there were no weapons of mass destruction. According to them, the WMDs were a Bush lie to wage war for our Iraqi oil interests. They also claim that Saddam had no ties to Al Qaeda who were not in Iraq before 9/11. They forget that Saddam refused to allow weapons inspectors in to verify that the WMDs he had used to kill his own people had been destroyed. He had fired at U.S. aircraft and refused to comply with Bush to avoid the invasion. Had Bush not gone to the United Nations and spent valuable time justifying the war, Saddam would not have been able to transfer those weapons to Syria in convoys that even the New York Times noticed.

Former Iraqi general Georges Sada claimed that in late 2002, Saddam had ordered all of his stockpiles to be moved to Syria. In his book Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied and Survived Saddam Hussein, he revealed details: “They were moved by air and by ground, 56 sorties by jumbo, 747, and 27 were moved, after they were converted to cargo aircraft, they were moved to Syria. “

Has anyone in the media asked where Syrian leader Assad acquired the WMDs he used to attack the rebels? In the latest Iraqi crisis, U.K. Telegraph reports that the ISIS Islamist rebels have taken over a chemical weapons stockpile in Iraq. WMDs in Iraq? Really? Still the ‘missing WMDs’ remain a late night comedy routine for liberals comics.

Yeah.  I noticed:

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