Agents of (Saudi) Influence

Mika Brzezinski probes Obama: Wasn’t al-Qaeda supposed to be ‘decimated?’ « Hot Air

President Barack Obama took some tough questions from a betrayed Mika Brzezinski in an interview broadcast Monday morning.

The president began by defending his decision to withdraw entirely from Iraq – a move he said was not his decision but Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki’s as recently as Friday. “Unless we are prepared to stay indefinitely in all these various countries, something that we can’t afford and would involve over time accusations that we were occupying these countries, at some stage they’re going to have to take responsibility for working together,” the president said.

The interesting thing about all this is the sight of the normally lap-sucking Obama media actually tossing tough questions at Obama about the Middle East.  I suspect the answer has more to do with journalists looking at fat retirement job offers from Saudi-funded foundations than it does with any actual dislike of Obama himself.

I wonder if all these hacks have registered as foreign agents?

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  1. “Wasn’t al-Qaeda supposed to be ‘decimated?’”

    Well, considering that the correct (original) meaning of “decimation” is “killing/destroying one-tenth” – that sounds pretty accurate for what happened, really…

    It is a wonder that Brzezinski did not bristle with offense after having had her question avoided and words put in her mouth, but she apparently found this response credible.

    No “wonder” there, just “business as usual” – Barky speaks, the journaljismists stand mute whilst making notes…

    This incoherent interview on the subject of Iraq is disconcerting. It revealed that the president continues to view this national security threat as a political conundrum.

    How else could he possibly be expected to see it? He keeps getting positive reinforcement from his “posse”, from his Congrossional command-and-control structure and from the Monstrously Socialist Mediamokes that what he’s doing – and what he’s saying about what he’s doing – is just hunky-dory, tickety-boo, peachy-keeno…why would he make any changes? The Sun-King can Do No Wrong, right…

    (That was “tough questioning”?…maybe by contrast with most of the past 5 – 6 years, otherwise…pretty weak, pretty thin…)

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