Shocker: California Is Looking A Lot More Like Mexico!

Joel Kotkin: One-party rule is no party in California – The Orange County Register

But if Mexico’s governance can be seen as at least gradually improving, it’s more difficult to reach that conclusion about the Golden State. California is now a one-party state, with increased corruption and little to no willingness to reform its creaky, scarily unbalanced economy. Californians, by a large margin, think things are getting worse, rather than getting better.

We can call this trend PRI-ization, and nowhere is it more evident than in our state’s increasingly torpid politics. As there is no real competition for power or for ideas, voter turnout, at both the local and state levels, has plummeted to the lowest levels on record. June’s primaries attracted barely 25 percent of the electorate, while the Los Angeles County turnout was just over 17 percent.

Well, of course your politics is going to look a lot more like Mexico’s if you invite a significant portion of the Mexican population to come live in your state.

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  1. Hey, the LBJ Laws reversed the Civil Rights movement, islamofascists are reversing slavery and women’s rights gains, Putin is reversing our Cold War gains, neo-Keynesians are reversing capitalism and watermelon Greenies are reversing the Industrial Revolution. Etc ad nauseum. Why not reverse the Mexican and Texas Independence Wars.

    Viva La Raza, Viva Rex Del Sol, Viva Andalusia, Viva Guevara.

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