Comedian Jim Norton: MSNBC a ‘Groveling, Awful, F*cking Hunk of Sh*t Network’ | Mediaite

He also called Joy Reid a cunt.

Great fun.

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  1. The thing that annoys me is that mediaite felt comfortable with writing “fucking hunk of shit”, but had to censor “cunt”. What, “cunt” is more offensive than “fuck” now? Their readers are such pussies that they can’t see that word? Fuck ’em.

    • What, “cunt” is more offensive than “fuck” now?

      Wasn’t it always, at least to women[1]? That’s what they told me in high school, anyway.

      [1] People can write their own jokes about the words they chose to censor, and my first sentence.

  2. Having not yet so much as attempted to follow that link, I have absolutely no idea who Jim Norton is – never seen him or even, until now, heard of him – and already (based on that link headline and him calling Joy Reid an entirely appropriate epithet) I really, REALLY like him a bunch…

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