Stick One In McConnell’s Eye

Thad Cochran’s Senate friends are trying really hard to save him – The Washington Post

One of the groups funneling money into the race? Cochran’s fellow officemates, who gave just more than $100,000 to his campaign through their leadership committees between June 3 and 13, according to the Cochran campaign’s 48-hour reports from that time period.

In the campaign’s final moments, they have stepped in to save one of their own. Part of it is that he’s their colleague, and that’s just what you do. Another part is that they are allowed to give a maximum donation to Cochran again in the runoff.

But the other part is that the last thing incumbents in Congress want is for potential tea party challengers to be emboldened by McDaniel’s success. And thus a fountain of funds rushes from leadership PACs everywhere to Cochran’s bank account.

The Gentry GOP are rallying around one of their own.  If you would like to see “potential tea party challengers to be emboldened by McDaniel’s success,” how about sending him a few bucks?  I just did.  Here’s the page:  Donate to Chris McDaniel

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