Partisanship: A Scam to Protect The Ruling Party

Thad Cochran: ‘I Used To Be A Democrat’

JACKSON, Mississippi — When Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) was pressed by a local reporter on why he thinks Democrats should cross over to vote for him in the GOP primary runoff against conservative state Sen. Chris McDaniel, Cochran said it’s because he originally was one of them.

This is the guy who is backed whole-heartedly by the Gentry GOP establishment, to the tune of millions of dollars.  Now he’s running in a GOP (well, sort of – I can’t really call it a GOP primary when Democrats are allowed to vote in it) primary against a conservative Republican essentially as a Democrat.

People think I’m kidding about Washington being run by a Ruling Party that consists of Democrats and Republicans.  I’m not.  Party means nothing to those who desire to rule us.

Thad Cochran is largely senile these days.  Little remains to him beyond the naked lust for power that characterizes and motivates all Ruling Party members.

And one other thing:  Who does the Ruling Party actually represent?

The Ruling Class, of course.  And if you doubt this, you aren’t a member of either the Ruling Party or the Ruling Class.

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