The Weeping Sympathy Industry and Iraq

Veterans Offer Each Other Help as Iraq Falls Apart – TIME

One group warns of “frustration” that could lead to suicide

More than 1.5 million Americans served in Iraq between 2003 and 2011. More than a few of them are upset with what’s happened to that country, where they fought and their friends died, over the past week.

That’s why the Wounded Warrior Project sent an email Tuesday to its 50,000 members acknowledging their sacrifices and offering mental-health services if they find the latest happenings from Iraq depressing.

“Your feelings are justified,” Ryan Kules, ?the project’s national alumni director and a double amputee, said. “If you feel frustration watching the news, remember that we did our duty and served admirably, coming home with the visible and invisible scars of that service.”

Touchy-feely vultures.  Somehow I can’t picture the men of my father’s generation getting all weepy and needing counseling over problems in Japan or Germany after the war ended.  They were just thankful to get out of that holocaust alive, and be able to get on with their lives.

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The Weeping Sympathy Industry and Iraq — 5 Comments

      • In Korea we got cynical and came up with M*A*S*H*

        Thinking about it more I see a vicious circle forming. When we won wars we won totally and absolutely and were unapologetic. Then it is chicken and egg time. As we fought wars to a draw did we get wishy-washy and apologetic leading to outright defeat and now weak and traumatized over the whole thing? Or did we get wishy-washy and apologetic about war and then started fighting to a draw, which left us weak and traumatized and we started losing them?

  1. Most of the soldiers fighting in Shithole1 and Shithole2 have gone through public schools which attempted to quash every bit of masculinity for thirteen years.* Beyond that, public schools apparently making a deliberate effort to remove any trace of mental toughness or independence.** Combine that with the number of boys raised with little positive male role models. I’ll bet that very few young men today are as mentally tough as the average man of your father’s generation.

    * Except for high school boys on the football or wrestling team.

    ** eg, If a student commits suicide or otherwise dies, or is abducted, or gets cancer, have all of the other students meet with grief counselors in small groups. If you teach tweens that these events are so horrible that no one can witness them and not be traumatised, then it’s no surprise if the (chronologically) grown up children are not able to handle it later in life.

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