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As noted in a previous post, while there may not be enough votes in a Democratic Senate to threaten the president with an impeachment conviction now — that can change in two months. For where there’s a storm in politics, there’s a Jonah. Everybody needs a Fall Guy. If Hillary’s sudden distancing signifies anything, if the previously unarticulated doubts of members of the liberal press mean anything it’s that they’re searching the bilges for someone to dump over the side.

But if the political system thinks it can rid itself of the high winds and mountainous waves by dumping Obama overboard it has another thing coming. While he may have always been an empty vessel, the ideas he bore, the policies that he was filled with came from the Left in whole cloth. He was just dumb enough to try them all at the same time.

In the wake of the Clinton impeachment that founderered well short of conviction in the Senate, Clinton’s Veep, Al Gore, won the national popular vote against the GOP candidate, G.W. Bush.

I wonder if some Democrat strategists are considering a similar strategy vis. Obama as a way of bolstering Billary’s shot in 2016?

I doubt it, though.  Mostly because I doubt it would work.  Gore was coming off several years of an excellent economy, thanks to the efforts of Newt Gingrich and the GOP House.

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