Well, Then, I Guess The Only Thing We Can Do Is Let Them Go

Overcrowded, unsanitary conditions seen at immigrant detention centers – Los Angeles Times

Too bad.  They wouldn’t have the problem if they hadn’t come here illegally.

How stupidly gullible are Americans anyway?  First off, Barack Obama pretty much promises amnesty to anybody under the age of 26 who can make it across the border.

That, to nobody’s surprise, results in a mad stampede of under-26 illegals storming across the border.  Of course, we aren’t going to send them back.  That’s not part of the plan.  The plan is to warehouse them out of the public eye until the furor dies down, then release them to roam free in their new homeland.

Of course, carefully manipulated stories about their hard lots will help a great deal when Obama decides, as a humanitarian gesture, to release them from these horrible “immigrant detention centers” (conjures up visions of “concentration camps,” doesn’t it?), because we don’t want these tender new “immigrants” to be permanently scarred by their (very) temporary incarceration.

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Well, Then, I Guess The Only Thing We Can Do Is Let Them Go — 3 Comments

  1. Technically, they _are_ concentration camps…just not the “kill the internees” variety.

    However, if there’s a humanitarian crisis, it’s pretty simple to solve. “What country are you from?” Segregate them by answer, and then put ’em en masse on planes at the capital cities of those countries.

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