I Hate Technology

This morning, at least.

I’ve been spending more time the last week or so dealing with various computer problems than doing anything else – incuding writing.

My Hostgator virtual server crumbled into dust several times due to “massive overusage of resources” – translation, something was pounding the hell out of the server until it crashed. Communication between phone CS and specialists is terrible. Example: I spend three minutes or so carefully explaing the background and behavior of some glitch, and it goes to a higher-up as “customer says site is too busy.”

Then the higer up emails me asking for more details.

The most recent response was a threat to cancel my account if it had been infected.

Also, I have several times complained that the password on one of my admin logins (for the Plesk Power Panel, versus the Plesk Control Panel – the Power Panel lets me work directly on the server) was changed and nobody could give me a reason why.

Response from security: “Which login was changed? The administration password has not been changed in umpty months). Of course, the admin password is for the Control Panel, not the Power Panel.

I asked for a security scan on my domain dailypundit.com, received a response from security asking what domain I wanted scanned.

And so on, ad nauseum.

This is coming from a company that has had major crashes several times over the past six months.

Then my own computer: For some reason this morning Pale Moon, my browse, decides it no longer likes Javascript, and all of a sudden most of the web sites I frequent no longer work properly.

A search leads me to forums where “experts” proclaim, “Java suxxxxxors! Only ID$0TZ use it. Why would you need to use Java?”


My new computer turns out to have a major Bluetooth bug, in which the Bluetooth drivers are deleted several times a day without warning – especially when waking from sleep or restarting. I’m still wrestling with that one. The computer has been on the market since last August, but Sony refuses to admit it might be them, despite literally thousands of complaints. I’ve tried three or four drivers, from Sony, Intel, Microsoft, and none of them fix the problem.

I have a new phone/phablet, and nobody seems to sell batteries for it. I really like having backup batteries.

I had to switch to Microsoft Outlook, because my Thunderbird install suddenly decided it no longer wished to work on my new machine. Microsoft Outlook has no spam filtering capacity to speak of. You have to mark each spam in order to block it, one by one. When you get a 1000-plus pieces of spam each day, that becomes…um…impractical.

Somebody here recommended mailwasher, a server-side app. It works fine, but it just adds another layer of clicking in order to read mail. Speaking of which, Outlook views the security certificates at the Hostgator site as being improper, and so I have to click through two sets of popups in order to download mail. I asked tech support to fix them so they matched, and got a reply asking for more deteail.

I’m grinding my teeth as I write this, and the only reason I am writing about it is as a safety valve for my monumental frustration with this whole mess.

I ask myself what if I were a normal clueless user. What would I do?

I guess I’d just put up with having an unworkable email program, a broken, infected server (they finally did a proper scan, and yes, they found malware – of course that was my fault somehow).

In short, arrrggghhhh!

Thanks for listening.

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