Noted Clueless Eyore Predicts Another Disastrous GOP Loss in 2016

Out: President Jeb Bush. In: Vice President Jeb Bush! « Hot Air

But which presidential nominee could get away with making Bush his number two? If it’s true that the base won’t stand for a ticket comprised of two moderates (I don’t think it is, but whatever), then realistically that means Cruz, Scott Walker, or Rand Paul.

Sure, the base will stand for a ticket with two moderates.

Because the base just loves losing to the Democrats in the general election.

You imbecile.  The base won’t stand, it will sit out the election.  At least enough of it will.  With the usual results (which are that a GOP Presidential candidate has managed to win the popular vote, in a squeaker, exactly once since 1988).

That’s 26 years of moderate candidates.  What a great record.  Let’s see if we can’t shoot for 28.  Because a genius like you thinks the base is likely to “stand” for it.

The food, booze and service must be freaking great on that Boeing.

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