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But an Iranian military presence would not only alarm Iraqi Sunnis, it would be a major affront to the U.S.’s Sunni allies in the Gulf, like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates. “When you start seeing Iranian aircraft, [Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps] forces on the ground, Iranian advisors training the Iraqi military, it could easily devolve into a regional conflagration,” says Smyth. “It’s not like Riyadh wants to back ISIS, but what are they going to do when they see a mobilization like this, and no other outside force to quell it?”…

Don’t care.  Those bastards are at least as dangerous to us as the Iranians.  It wasn’t Iran that took down the World Trade Center.  It was Saudi Arabians.

The prospect of them slaughtering each other en masse gives me a tingle down my thigh.

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  1. Wow. Just…wow…

    Even for the likes of Allahpundit, that is a truly, remarkably semi-incoherent mish-mosh of errant bullshit, misread/misinterpreted history and illogical misunderstanding of what is currently taking shape in the Middle East in general and specifically in Iraq, Syria and Iran, plus what role(s) the U.S. could and should or should not play in the near-term events in that region.

    One of the few small bits of something that appears reasoned and/or logical in that whole mess:

    The closer ISIS gets to the Iraqi capital, and the sacred Shi’ite shrine of the Mosque of the Golden Dome in the city of Samarra, the more likely Iran will feel that it has no choice but to intervene. Iranians, says Philip Smyth, an expert on Shi’ite militias at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, sees ISIS “as an existential threat to the Shi’ite population of Iraq, and are trying to grab the bull by the horns.” When ISIS’s predecessor, the Islamic State of Iraq, attacked the shrine in 2006 it unleashed a spasm of sectarian violence that resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Iraqis of both sects, and left more than four million displaced.

    I find myself trying – without success – to imagine any reason whatsoever why we would want to insert any part, small or large, of U.S. military “muscle” into that sort of religious-fervor-driven firestorm.

    What we are seeing develop over there is pretty much what would quite likely have taken shape if we had simply stopped at killing people and breaking stuff in Iraq after the “major conflict/combat” phase was clearly over, and then withdrawn – after, perhaps, issuing a “Don’t make us have to come back here” blanket-warning – to let the Iraqis sort things out for themselves. All that “nation-building” stuff did was to delay matters a few years, and maybe to help insure that everybody over there – on BOTH sides – was somewhat better-equipped to decimate each other, now that they’re finally getting down to the real nut-cuttin’.

    Make no mistake: 1) We (the U.S.) have NO “…Sunni allies in the Gulf, like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates…” – those people hate (and used to fear) us just as much as – if not more than – the Shi’ites – whether Iranians, Syrians, Jordanians, Pakistanis, Afghans, etc., NO ISLAMIC-BASED NATION likes us, wants us around or counts itself as other than “The Great Satan”, an infidel enemy – some of the Sunni-dominated ones are simply better at cozying-up and “making nice” to us, in advancing their own interests – chief among which is hacking the heads off of every infidel in reach at the earliest convenient (for them) opportunity; 2) On balance, there is NO up-side for us in dumping any further small part of blood or treasure into that sector of the planet – even if, somehow, we were able to manage a useful “intervention” for one side or the other, it would be resented, “rewarded” with (at best) indifference or (more likely) rejection and expulsion, and mostly a suicide mission for whatever force-projection(s) we made the mistake of supplying.

    In brief: There is nothing but “down-sides” to be found for any further U.S. direct involvement in Iraq – or, for that matter, anywhere else in the Middle Eastern regions – for anything like the immediately-forseeable future. Best thing we might do would be to refer the whole matter to the U(seless)N(atterers) for “resolutions” and “debate re: possible intervention” (that ought to be good for a year or two of delay…), while “Tsk-tsk”ing and “Oh, my”ing and doing everything possible to prevent or delay Barky & Co. from attempting to throw more U.S. resources – either military or monetary – into further futile “assistance” to anyone in the region. Meanwhile – perhaps we could quietly, covertly hope for Sunni and Shi’ite alike to continue to “settle their differences” as they are presently pretty-much doing. After all – while they’re keeping busy killing/maiming/destroying each other over there, they’re just that much less able to be working towards eventually trying to kill/maim/destroy us anywhere.

    And – even as perhaps-unChristianlike as it might seem to some – that, as dear ol’ Martha might be inclined to say, has got to be considered A Good Thing.

  2. Napalm may burn off our oil. Just wait until they kill each other off and then waltz in and take our oil back.

    What? Someone thinks it’s their oil. Those bozos couldn’t have found and dug that oil out of the ground in a million more years unless we came in and did it. Then they stole, oops “nationalized”, it.

    The only holes they know how to drill is when they pound sand.

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