Oh, Just Stop With the Impeachment Bullshit Already

GOP Rep.: House ‘Probably’ Has the Votes to Impeach Obama | Mediaite

A Republican congressman said in a radio interview today that the House probably has the votes to impeach President Obama, if things got so bad that impeachment became their only recourse. Congressman Lou Barletta told Gary Sutton that the issue of impeachment is an important one to address with Obama “absolutely ignoring the Constitution and ignoring the laws.”

A couple of Republicans have floated theidea of impeachment and the House having enough votes for impeachment before, and Barletta’s no different, claiming there’s a good chance impeachment could pass the Republican-led House if they took a vote.

Meaningless without a Senate that will convict, and we don’t have one of those right now.

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Oh, Just Stop With the Impeachment Bullshit Already — 2 Comments

  1. I don’t think it’s quite meaningless. First, and less important, if it goes to the Senate, it forces Obama supporters (or those who refuse to uphold the Constitution, which at this point comes to the same thing) to go on record. Canny opponents who support the rule of law could use this in campaigning. (Counterpoint: canny Republicans who support rule of law and who can and will make use of a pro-Obama vote are thin on the ground. Canny Democrats who support rule of law are even thinner.)

    Second, by busying themselves with an impeachment and (failure of) conviction, Congress will be tied up for a month or more. That’s much preferable to their finding still more ways to screw over the American citizenry. It combines the best aspects of gridlock and public humiliation for a bunch of unAmerican shits from Obornabroad on down.

  2. …if things got so bad that impeachment became their only recourse.

    WAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!! Dood, that train left the station over a year ago!!! You guys in the House haven’t had “any other recourse” to the shit Barky’s been layin’ down since around the end of January, 2013 – if not before then!

    That “Republican congressman” and his best buds are suffering from a condition like the title of that Farina novel: Been Down So Long, It Looks Like Up To Me.

    Further, aside from the black-comedy value that might be derived from watching most of the Inside-The-Beltway-Bandits running around as if their hair’s on fire and their asses are about to catch for a month or so, the only thing an actual, real-live impeachment attempt mounted against Li’l Obambam seems likely to produce at this point would be a certain amount of the gridlock SteveF refers to…certainly, I can’t imagine anyone seriously thinking that it would result in a conviction – it seems unlikely that it would even get any further than a proposed bill and debates in the House, even if some think – at this point – they might be able to get enough votes to pass it.

    Could be some fun to be had watching the reactions from the Monumentally Socialist Media, of course…

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