The Stupid, Gutless Peasants of the Iraqi “Military”

Ghosts of U.S. Troops Left at Kirkuk Base After Iraqi Army Fled – ABC News

When the ISIS forces took Mosul last week – but before they had even reached Kirkuk – the Iraqi forces fled, stripping off their uniforms and discarding them in the dirt.

ISIS never came anywhere near the base. But the Iraqi troops fled anyway.

Before they ran, they looted the base.

PHOTO: The ghostly remnants of the American G.I.s presence are everywhere in the Kirkuk Air Base in Kirkuk, Iraq, June 16, 2014.

Terry Moran/ABC News
PHOTO: The ghostly remnants of the American G.I.’s presence are everywhere in the Kirkuk Air Base in Kirkuk, Iraq, June 16, 2014.

There was a safe shot full of holes to get it open. All the electronics seemed to have been torn from the desks and walls. Large shipping containers had been wrenched open and rifled for anything valuable.

It was so forlorn, and so infuriating at the same time. All that American money, all that American sacrifice, all that American idealism – trashed, dumped in the ancient, unchanging, Mesopotamian dirt. We were so naïve.

After the Iraqis fled, Kurdish peshmerga soldiers took over. They are cleaning the place up. They shake their heads in disgust at the condition the Iraqi forces left “Krabtown” in, and they laugh the cruel laughter men who fight direct at men who run. The Kurds will fight. This base belongs to them now.

As does much else up here in the north.

Iraq is filled with stupid Muslim peasants.  Stupid Muslim peasants make up the vast majority of the Islamic world, because Islam requires stupid Muslim peasants to function as Mohammed envisioned it: Most of the Muslim world groveling in “submission,” and a few “strong horses” running the entire show.

Our best strategy at this point is to arm the hell out of the Kurds and stand back.  But we’ll never do that, because it might irritate the Muslim Republic of Turkey.  You remember Turkey?  They’re the Muslim bastards who stabbed us in the back in the invasion of Iraq.

But we don’t want to tick them off, oh no.

Every time I think of the absolute catastrophe George W. Bush and Barack Hussein Obama have made of the invasion of Iraq and the War on Muslim Terror, I want to puke.


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