Great News: Coffee Is Sexist!

Caffeine Has Different Cardiovascular Effects on Boys, Girls – MPR

(HealthDay News) — Gender differences in the effects of caffeine emerge after puberty, and responses vary across the menstrual cycle for postpubertal girls, according to a study published online June 16 in Pediatrics.

Jennifer L. Temple, PhD, from the University at Buffalo in New York, and colleagues examined gender differences in the cardiovascular response to caffeine after puberty, as well as differences in response across the menstrual cycle. Heart rate and blood pressure were examined before and after administration of two doses of caffeine (1 and 2mg/kg) and placebo in 52 prepubertal (8–9-year-olds) and 49 postpubertal (15–17-year-olds) children. Participants included 54 boys and 47 girls.

The researchers identified an interaction between gender and caffeine dose, with a greater response to caffeine seen for boys than girls.

I can hear the feminists muttering that there oughta be a law, so there probably will be.  Can’t have those potential rapists being more wide awake than their potential victims, can we?

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