Cooking the Apple Books

How Tim Cook is reshaping Apple over time | The Verge

Apple CEO Tim Cook is less flamboyant than his predecessor, but is gradually reshaping the company to become a better corporate citizen than it was under Steve Jobs, according to a new profile. The New York Timestakes a long look at Cook’s tenure and finds a steady hand who has compelled Apple to embrace renewable energy, philanthropy, and domestic manufacturing, among other initiatives. He has also attempted to make up for Jobs’ departure by building a “creative brain trust” that includes Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre, who are joining the company as part of Apple’s acquisition of Beats Music.

A full assessment of Cook’s ability to develop new hit products won’t be possible until the release of Apple’s forthcoming smart watch, which the Times says we should expect toward the end of the year

My guess is that, unlike Apple fanbois, Apple investors don’t give a rat’s ass about renewable energy, philanthropy, and domestic engineering.  They idolized Steve Jobs because he made them rich.

I also guess that if Cook’s tenure depends on the massive success – or even just the success – of the iWatch, he’ll be gone by this time next year.


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Cooking the Apple Books — 2 Comments

  1. Apple’s recent SDK announcements and their ecosystem announcements on home automation and medical records are likely to create new growth drivers going forward. Homekit and Healthkit are ok by themselves but add in all those very well entrenched partners and you have a winner.

    • I’m dubious, TM. They may be growth drivers, but investors are looking for another iPod, iPad, iPhone. I don’t see one on the Apple horizon. People now seem to think Jobs had supernatural, godlike powers of innovation. That’s the standard they’ll judge Cook by, and I don’t think he’ll meet it.

      You know what they say: You never want to follow a legend. You want to follow the guy who follows the legend.

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