If It Walks Like a Flack, and Squawks Like a Flack….

Kevin McCarthy to lobbyists, Chamber of Commerce: Don’t worry, it’ll be business as usual in the House « Hot Air

It’s gratifying that the race won’t be a walkover and it’s smart of Labrador to seize an easy opportunity to build a reputation as a fighter among tea partiers (he’s already on the outs with Boehner so he has little to lose inside the House), but he’s going to get crushed.

You know, you’d think that Allahpundit might have learned just a smidgen of humility after having so recently predicted with equal confidence that Dave Brat was going to get crushed by Eric Cantor, but no.

AP once got quite snippy with me for writing that I questioned his conservative creds and motivations, and suggesting that he might be more concerned with maintaining his seat in First Class on the Boeing, but you know what?

He sure does sound like a Ruling Party flack, and he has for a good long while now.

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