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Opinion: Goodbye GOP; tea party has won with Eric Cantor’s loss –

(CNN) — For many political observers, last night’s loss by Eric Cantor was one of the biggest shocks of our political careers.

The Republican House majority leader was easily defeated by an almost unknown challenger whom he heavily outspent. It’s been reported that Cantor’s team spent more on steakhouses than his opponent did on his entire campaign.

No one had a clue this was about to happen, including Cantor himself. Just days before the primary, his camp leaked an internal poll showing him ahead by 34 points. No House majority leader has lost a primary since the position was created in 1899.

While the result was unexpected, it confirms something we already knew. In the Republican civil war, the tea party has won.

And we’re coming for  you next, you Marxist bint.  You and all the rest of your ilk.

Brazile thinks she’s being crafty here.  She’s probably seen polling that indictes the Tea Party isn’t well liked.  That these are same pollsters who make galactic-sized polling errors in races like Cantor’s never crosses her mind.  She thinks she’s ginning up some sort of advantage for the Left by painting the Tea Party as the new GOP.  (If only!)  What she may end up doing is making the GOP more attractive to those who’ve drifted away from it because of its mushy, RINOized, Democrat-lite approach to politics.


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