George Will Is Becoming Wildly Predictable In His Old Age

Brat’s Victory Means Re-evaluation Time for the GOP | National Review Online

If, however, Cantor’s defeat reinforces the perception that Republicans are simply hostile regarding immigration and immigrants, ripples from it might swamp attempts to align Republican policy with the 51 percent of Republicans nationwide, who like 62 percent of Americans, favor for the 11 million a pathway to citizenship

Actually, I don’t believe the number who favor anything like full scamnesty is anywhere close to being this large.  Most of these polls are cooked, either in their sampling, or in the way the questions are phrased, or both.  The big money people who finance these polls are, for the most part, the same big money people who favor scamnesty now, and scamnesty forever.

51% of Republicans in Cantor’s district certainly didn’t, though.  And despite George Will’s off-putting certainty that he is also one of the “grown-ups” (who favor scamnesty) I suspect that will crop up far more often than the scamnesty stalwarts will find comfortable.  In fact, many of them, as did Cantor, will find it fatal.  To their political prospects, at least.

Are you listening, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush, Chris Christie?

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