The Only Good Muslim Fanatic Is a Dead Muslim Fanatic

Iraq crisis: Islamist militants attack Tikrit after 500,000 are forced to flee Mosul – Middle East – World – The Independent

Sunni insurgents advancing on Baghdad after taking Mosul have captured the city of Tikrit, the home town of Saddam Hussein, as government forces disintegrate and fail to offer resistance. Iraqi soldiers and police are reported to have discarded their uniforms, changed into civilian clothes and fled after firing only a few shots.

Iranian intervention coming up in three…two…one…

I’m rooting for whichever side can kill the most of the others.


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Also, yep:

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Besides, I’ve got lots of popcorn laid by for when Iran goes to open war against Saudi Arabia in Iraq.

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  1. Nice call Bill!

    May the Iraq civil war live long and neither side prosper.

    Note that the British thought that the rabble farmer army would turn and run when faced with regular army British Redcoats. Says something about the American founders.

    Meanwhile in Iraq the “soldiers” throw down their arms and cower amongst the the women and children.

    Freedom is not free.

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