Shocker: Conservative College Prof Isn’t Quite As Big A Lying Hack As He Needs to Be to Appear on MSNBC

Bad sign: Cantor’s vanquisher surprised MSNBC host isn’t just celebrating his victory « Hot Air

Noah Rothmann, the latest weepy, concern-trolling “blogger” to be added to the gang of Eyores at Hot Gas, is is full blather about how terribly David Brat handled lIefty hack Chuck Todd on MSNBC today.

Of course, Brat seems like a nice guy, so his first instinct wouldn’t be mine, which would be to smile politely and say, “Got your marching orders from the White House, I see, Chuck.”

Actually, I wouldn’t even soil myself appearing on a nest of nutters like MSNBC, but that’s a different story.

I, personally, find it charming that Brat hadn’t switched over to full cover-up, dodge-and-weave polical infighter a mere twelve hours after the greatest House primary upset in history.

Maybe he can find a serial axe murderer to appear on MSNBC for him.  I’d pay to watch that.

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