Cantor, Boehner Plotting to Push McCarthy as New House Majority Leader?

Cantor to Step Down as Majority Leader | The Weekly Standard

Eric Cantor is expected to announce his plan to resign as House majority leader today, probably at a meeting of all House Republicans. Cantor lost the GOP primary to David Brat, a little-known college professor, in Virginia’s Seventh Congressional District on Tuesday.

His loss to Brat and his decision to step down as majority leader mark an abrupt halt to Cantor’s rise as a Republican leader and political star. Cantor had previously been regarded as a strong candidate to replace House speaker John Boehner should he resign next year.

Remaining in his post as number two in the House Republican hierarchy appeared to be untenable.  He lacked the political capital needed to do the job, which includes deciding what bills reach the House floor and when.

The race to replace Cantor began soon after he lost his bid for an eighth House term. House GOP whip Kevin McCarthy of California and Pete Sessions of Texas quickly started making calls to other Republicans to ask for their support for majority leader. 

My guess is that this is a ploy to make it easier to get squishy Gentry GOP stalwart McCarthy into the Majority Leader slot before the elections, since the climate post-election may be even more toxic for the establishment in the House.

BTW, I think you should keep in mind that Cantor is now likely to do whatever his corporate funder require of him.  Their continued support is crucial to his new career and a Gucci Gulch bagman for their interests.  Which means he’s likely going to come out in full support of Scamnesty now.  At the very least he’ll vote for it when Boehner brings it to the floor?

He’s no longer representing his consituents, if he ever was.  Or, to put it a different way, his constituents, as of last night, are now the Chamber of Commerce, Big Agriculture, and the pinko tech community.

UPDATE:  Yep. 

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