No, We Don’t Need Another Bush and Barky Botch In Iraq

Mosul falls to al-Qaeda as US-trained security forces flee « Hot Air

Nujaifi appealed to the US ambassador for an American military intervention:

Nujaifi said he spoke to US Ambassador Lukman Faily, requesting U.S. support to repel the terrorists’ attack by virtue of the Joint Cooperation agreement between the two countries. Ambassador Faily promised to promptly convey our request to the U.S. administration, Nujaifi said.

This will be almost impossible to do, and entirely impossible to do quickly.

Yeah, right.  Like we’re going to do that, now that Bush and Barky poisoned that well for the next thirty years.  Thanks, guys.

Besides, Bush and Barky’s black comedy roadshow gives no one any confidence that  we wouldn’t botch the whole thing at an even higher cost in American lives than we did before.

Besides, I’ve got lots of popcorn laid by for when Iran goes to open war against Saudi Arabia in Iraq.

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No, We Don’t Need Another Bush and Barky Botch In Iraq — 1 Comment

  1. Bush and Barky’s black comedy

    At most, only half-black, you racist.

    Aside from that, and aside from current American competence to do anything but spend American dollars and get Americans killed on behalf of the unworthy and ungrateful, there’s the elephant in the room: They’re unworthy, and ungrateful even if we give them charity. Fuck ’em. Fuck the Afghans, fuck the Iraqis, fuck the Libyans. (I’d say fuck the girls kidnapped by Boffo Harem, but that’s in poor taste even for me.) Fuck ’em all. I don’t see that all of them together are worth one cent of my tax dollars. And an American life? Don’t make me laugh. I’d rather every Iraqi die in a fire than one American soldier get a hangnail.

    I’ve got a suggestion: let the non-Americans all kill each other, the way they’ve been doing for millenia. When they’re dead, we’ll put in oil rigs to steal their oil. Everyone wins!

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