Those Slippery Statistics

Student Loans Make it Hard to Rent or Buy a Home –

Still, new research suggests that college is working, economically. Four years on campus nets the average graduate almost twice as much in wages as someone without a degree. Those odds may be comforting in the long run, but not when you’re young, deeply in debt and trying to nest in New York City.

Nobody ever unpacks this statement, so I will.

Of course a college degree will net you more money over a lifetime than no degree.  A primary reason for this these days is that even decent paying jobs that used to not require a degree now do require one, even though the degree is not actually necessary in order to be able to perform the job.

Taken to an extreme, once every job requires a degree (all jobs that don’t will be done by machines) then the advantage of a degree will be more like a bazillion to one over a lifetime.

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Those Slippery Statistics — 2 Comments

  1. An interesting analysis might be to compare the “disposable income” of two people, one who went to college, and one that did not.

    Person A – goes to college, incurs $$K in student debt, and starts working at 22 at $X/year.
    Person B – no college, no student debt, starts working at 18 at $Y/year.

    Jigger X and Y (and have them increase over time) so that person A earns “almost twice as much” as person B by the time they’re both 65. Then take taxes and student loan payments off the top.

    I wonder what the actual difference would turn out to be.

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