Microsoft Outlook Bleg

I subscribed to Office 365, which includes Microsoft Outlook.  It’s been years since I used Outlook, having defaulted to Mozilla Thunderbird.  I guess this is version Outlook 2013.


Outlook has some sort of hard-wired anti-spam function that isn’t any good at all.  I get on average a couple thousand spams a day.  Thunderbird has some sort of learning anti-spam filter that is pretty good once it is trained, and even with that, a hundred or so get through. 

With Outlook, though, several hundred get through, and it doesn’t seem to be learning.  So I went looking for some sort of Bayesian spam filter add-on for Outlook 2013/365, and couldn’t find anything that would actually work with my version.

Any of you Microsofties out there have any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend half an hour a day deleting spam.

UPDATE: I get inundated with spam filled with what appear to be Chinese characters, but even though I check the item that blocks mail with such characters, it doesn’t seem to work.

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Microsoft Outlook Bleg — 6 Comments

  1. Check out MailWasher Pro.

    Flags spam and allows you to blacklist any emailers you are not interested in reading.

    All functions performed on the server side, so you do not download anything that MailWasher has not screened.

    • USC – thanks!

      Got it up and running, and so far it’s doing a nice job. I usually get the first big spam wave of the day around seven a.m. ET, so by the time I get up tomorrow, I’ll be able to get a better handle on how it’s working for me.