Microsoft Outlook Bleg

I subscribed to Office 365, which includes Microsoft Outlook.  It’s been years since I used Outlook, having defaulted to Mozilla Thunderbird.  I guess this is version Outlook 2013.


Outlook has some sort of hard-wired anti-spam function that isn’t any good at all.  I get on average a couple thousand spams a day.  Thunderbird has some sort of learning anti-spam filter that is pretty good once it is trained, and even with that, a hundred or so get through. 

With Outlook, though, several hundred get through, and it doesn’t seem to be learning.  So I went looking for some sort of Bayesian spam filter add-on for Outlook 2013/365, and couldn’t find anything that would actually work with my version.

Any of you Microsofties out there have any suggestions?  I don’t want to spend half an hour a day deleting spam.

UPDATE: I get inundated with spam filled with what appear to be Chinese characters, but even though I check the item that blocks mail with such characters, it doesn’t seem to work.

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