So My First Royalty Check Came, and I Bought a New Computer

I’ve been reasonably happy with my hybrid tablet/laptop Asus T100, but over time, I began to realize it really wasn’t the best possible solution for my writing needs.  For one thing, while “powerful enough” (sorta) it wasn’t really all that powerful, and the frequent hesitations became irritating as I worked.  And if you’re trying to write, you try to minimize irritations and distractions as much as possible.

Second, it wasn’t really all that light.  With its attached keyboard, it weighed 2.4 pounds, the same as my three year old 13″ Toshiba ultrabook, which had a lot more oomph.  However, I really liked the notion of a touch-screen, which I’ve become used to using with Windows 8.1.

So I started looking around.  Vaguely, I wanted a touch-screen, light weight, a bit bigger screen than the Asus ten incher, and sufficient power to handle anything I wanted with a lot of zip.

Could I find something that met all these requrements, and yet did not involve bankrupting me?

As it turned out, I did.

Meet the Sony Vaio Pro 11:

I looked and looked, and this is what I came up with.

The specs: 

11.6″ 10-pt touch-screen

1920×1080 (full HD) screen resolution.

1.9 pounds – total weight

Intel Core I7 processor

8 GB ram.

256 GB SSD (which I’m supplementing with a 256GB SD card).

I bought it Sony Factory Refurbished from a seller on eBay for $950, including tax and shipping.

It’s everything I was hoping for.  I couldn’t find any other true ultrabooks that even came close.

I noticed that I tended to use a smaller tablet (my Amazon Fire HD 7″) for casual content consumption – movies, tv, music, the like.  So I may go ahead and supplement the Sony with a 7″ Phablet that will give me that plus phone service.  I’m looking at the Tronsmart PS7 for that role, coupled with AT&T service from Straight Talk, a MVNO that offers unlimited everything (phone, text, data) for $45/month.

Two devices.  Everything covered.  I’ll likely be hauling this setup to Indiana when I go next month.  I’ll post a report on how everything works at that time.

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So My First Royalty Check Came, and I Bought a New Computer — 3 Comments

  1. Dammit, now I’m all jealous ’n’ shit. As always happens (always!), I saved up the pennies to buy myself a new laptop… and something came up. This time, my van died totally dead in the driveway. $750 later, I have a functioning vehicle again.

    Congrats on your new … well, not toy. It’s a work tool. As may be, enjoy. And don’t mind the jealous muttering coming from East of you…

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