Israel: Now Carrying a VERY Big Stick

IAF quadruples strike capability in two years, says chief – IHS Jane’s 360

Israeli Air Force (IAF) chief Major General Amir Eshel highlighted his service’s new firepower capabilities during a conference at the Fisher Brothers Institute for Air and Space Strategic Studies on 21 May.

“We have an unprecedented offensive capability that allows us to accurately strike thousands of targets in one day,” said Gen Eshel. “We have doubled our abilities twice in the past two years. By the end of 2014 we will see an improvement of 400% to our offensive capabilities relative to the recent past as a result of a long improvement process.”

Gen Eshel stated that the air strikes that IAF aircraft carried out over a three-day period during the 2006 war with the Lebanese group Hizbullah could now be achieved in 24 hours and that the 1,500 strikes carried out during the week-long Operation ‘Pillar of Defence’ against militants in the Gaza Strip in November 2012 would now take 12 hours.

“I believe our capabilities are only second to the United States from both an offensive and defensive standpoint,” he said.

Hmm.  I wonder what they’re getting ready for?

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