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Woman shoots at would-be home intruders |


A woman shot an intruder when he tried to force his way into her apartment early Thursday morning.

Police say at least three people approached the victim’s door at the Laurel Ridge apartment complex just after midnight.

According to the police report, the renter responded to a knock at the door and the suspects told her they were with the East Point Police Department.

She cracked the door to take a look outside and that’s when police say the three tried to push their way inside.

The resident, however, was ready with a handgun.

Of course, if it had been real cops, they would have killed her on the spot.  So how do you tell the difference, when they come knock-knock-knocking on your door?

“I heard three gunshots,” said neighbor Ramona Ferrell. “I knew it was gunshots. It was very close.”
A juvenile suspect was grazed on the head and the backside. He ran, but police caught up to him quickly.
“I just hope the boy is OK,” said the resident.

And I just hope that the next person he robs, rapes, and murders is you, you miserably stupid bint.

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