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When critics of the deal have suggested that releasing five senior Taliban members was too high a price to pay for Bergdahl, the Obama administration has maintained that the U.S. military’s commitment to rescue all of its members held in captivity meant that the deal was unavoidable. Rogers made it clear that he disagrees.

Would it have been too high a price to trade Obama for Bergdahl?

I would have supported that deal myself.

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  1. Agreed – with only one stipulation, they wouldn’t be allowed to send Barky back.

    Oh, and he’d have to take Moochelle with him (they could leave the kids here; it might still be possible to “de-program” them…), but his golf clubs would have to stay here.

    I’m sure his “soul-brothers” would be able to fit him out over there as needed…

  2. Gee, I don’t know. That’s a tough choice. Not sure I can go for that. Oh, ok you can have Obama but only if you take Moochelle, Biden, Pelosi and Reid and Fauxcahontas and Billary. Oh, and Sean Penn. Fast Times at Kandahar High for him.

    Oh and on second thought you can keep Bergdahl. Just make sure he is locked in a cell with the others.

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