Bubbleicious Idiots

America’s Medieval Universities | National Review Online

An aging campus generation that has nearly wrecked the university should bow out and let more open-minded and innovative minds repair the damage that the old generation has wrought.

Bow out?  Heh.  They will, eventually, die out, however.

That said, there are two versions of the term “bubble” at work in our educational systems at every level.  On the one hand, there is the protective bubble of tenure, like-minded fellows, and system-wide incompetence that ensures those who “lead” our universities will see no rational reason for altering their own world-view or, indeed, “bow out.”  In their bubble-world, they are heroes who have done no wrong, in fact, can do no wrong.

Then there is the second meaning of bubble:  Something that expands in an unsustainable and self-destructive way that eventually fails catastrophically – think stock market bubble.  Or education bubble.  In this view, the constant pyramiding of spending, administrators and administrative expenses, tuition (and the debt that supports it) will eventually no longer be sustainable, and will therefore collapse.  What can’t go on, won’t.

That these differing versions of “bubble” work together in buttressing each other isn’t commonly recognized, but is integral to the continuing existence of both.  The protective bubble assures that the competence and ability to react to difficult circumstances will become ever more ingrained among the edu leadership, which, in turn, guarantees that not only will they be unable to do anything about the expanding catastrophe, they won’t even be aware of it.

Short take:  When it comes to American education, we are so boned.

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